Saturday, March 28, 2009

Google It

So in talking this week about corporations and what we are being shown versus not being shown, I think we have made great strides in underground music and art thanks to the Internet.

I've been able to find some really great bands thanks to Myspace music and sites like Pandora radio. I do realize that most of these things will never become main stream, but I think when you get down to the bottom of the music food chain you can find people who are making music because they love it, and not for the money. Of course I'm sure they would prefer not to be broke- but I genuinely believe they do it for the love of the art and expression and not necessarily for aspirations of having a billion tweens sell out your concerts while you gyrate in your pasties (Britney).

If people really want to get away from the main stream pop cotton candy sugar coated music (which I must confess I do love) just do a little research online. The beauty of a non-censored Internet is epitomized in undiscovered talent.


  1. Hey B -

    I think you are on to something here...also I would recommend checking out iTunes free selection. Pod casts are also a way I heard people get their music out there. And if you "Google it" you might run into a celeb or two.

  2. I seriously love music, and its everywhere! If we want to listen to it, its not hard to find it. I agree with you I love it how we can just go to myspace or pandora and listen for new things. Good times!

  3. Absolutely! Artists stay "underground" because they want to! And I swear it makes the music that much better. There are also Indie Labels that do a pretty decent job keeping their artists grounded. Vagrant is one of my favorites- they are home to Dashboard and such. Their artists are successful, but not out of touch with their fans and you rarely see them in music vids or hear them on the radio.

    Also for art there are great places- like Deviant (my little sister's version of myspace) and outlets like Shanna Logic that sell people's art and designs all Indie.