Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's talk about Sex

This week we have been more focused on woman and sexuality in our society.

As I was reading in the Douglas book, I could find myself getting as little defensive to her thoughts and sediments. I felt like not only was she angry at the media with regards to her sexual ideals, but that if you were a woman who DID want to wait until marriage to have sex, you were jaded and weren't making the decision for yourself. I can see after our discussion that maybe her intentions were just to show the confusion and frustration for many women as the media portrayed sex in contrasting lights.

Ultimately, this made me think about my own values and ideals on sex. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and my religion teaches that premarital sex is in violation of sacred Gospel principles. However, that does not mean that sex in itself is a horrible and sinful thing.

I've noticed that for my generation, sex is more of an open subject with regards to the LDS faith. I have talked about it with my friends and have had leaders and teachers discuss it in classes. I know that I will enjoy sex with my future spouse. I would consider myself a very sexual person, but I have chosen to wait and have those experiences until I am entered into a bond of marriage. I know that sex is for procreation, but I also believe it is an expression of love between two people and is meant to be enjoyable. Otherwise, why would we do it?! For those reasons, I do consider it sacred and will hold to that belief.

That choice I've made is my own, and I don't feel it makes me a "bad" or "good" girl. I've made mistakes and stupid decisions that would label me as bad, and done great things that some might label me as good. I don't think that one particular area of my life, such as sex, can define who I am. I think these are choices every person needs to make after careful consideration of the consequences to their actions.

P.S. I would marry this guy tomorrow if I could! Yummy....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a chick...and I'm down with that!

In reading the first chapter of the Douglas book I noticed myself getting increasingly anxious. It was frustrating to read as well as a little bit eye opening. My mind shifted to thinking about women and young girls in other countries, wondering if they had the same self esteem issues as American women always seem to posses (being that in they most likely did not share the same media influences). It really is all about self esteem you know. The only reason we sometimes want to bring down others is to feel good about ourselves. I do think this is something we have learned through the media and our environment. HOWEVER, I don't think that should be an excuse.

I have always been someone that does what I want. I hate people telling me what to do; I do things because I feel it's what is best for me. I don't want to be tied down to what the media or society tells me what I am. I honestly think it's sort of a cop out. Having worked in the corporate world for a couple years, there were times when I was treated stereotypically. That doesn't mean that I responded stereotypically. No matter who we are or how people treat us, we have a choice. We have a choice to become invaluable. If my boss can't afford to lose me because of the work I produce, he won't fire me because I'm a women. I believe this goes for any race or sex. We are people. People are assets.

Of course there will always be people who are close minded and accept stereotypes as realities. But if we don't succumb to that and continue to work and provide to the best of our abilities, eventually even their mind can be opened. It takes time, it's not easy. But that doesn't mean it isn't possible. I think Douglas has a bitter taste in her mouth and seems to be playing the blame game right now. I just won't play with her.

On another interesting note, check this chick out:

She is another Real World cast member this season...and I bet you wouldn't have guessed that she is Transgendered. Meaning, she was born a dude. I seriously cannot even seem to grasp this concept yet, it is completely out of my realm of understanding why anyone would do this, but I think maybe as we study more about gender vs. sex I can understand what the heck is going on with her. Maybe.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Learned my Lesson

I really wanted to post about something I care about. Nothing seemed to click for me this week in all our discussions about stereotypes and even listening to the civil rights panel, I just couldn't quite connect with my inner careness level (I cared, just not enough to blog).

So last night, around 11 I'm watching the new season of The Real World. I love love TV, totally not ashamed mind you, but The Real World has never been on my list of must-sees. However, this season they have this LDS guy named Chet. So I'm like, hey I'm LDS, I'm interested in seeing how this guy represents my "culture".

So as I'm watching the show, all I can think about is what a tool he is. Seriously, I don't think I would ever choose to be friends with him. He doesn't seem to have any tact and half the time sounds like he will be the first one back (to douchebagastan).

And then it hit me. I was totally stereotyping what he would be like. I assumed he would be this clean cut missionary esq down to earth dude. In all honesty, I hoped he would be the "stereotypical" non crazy respectful Mormon guy, but instead...we got Chet. CLEARLY, I was way off base. Totally my bad for assuming anything!

Personally, I hope I never run into anyone that asks if I'm LDS and then stereotypes me as Chet's counterpart. Hopefully in realizing I've made a mistake in stereotyping him, I won't get the icky Karma that will send Chet hating people my way. Cheers to realizing stereotypes are NOT right, and here's to hoping Chet doesn't continue being an idiot.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009



So here is my new blog dedicated to thoughts and inspirations derived my from Communications 2010 class. I hope this blog to be of benefit to my ever increasing drive for knowledge and learning. I welcome any and all opinions and comments with exception to those who resist class and taste. Lets keep it classy people!

For a little taste of what I plan to write, check this out: Can you believe it?! Honestly, I can. Giving every other industry in America a free handout, why not adult entertainment?

Ugh. I have NEVER agreed with any bail out plan, and I certainly will not add my name to any list of supporters for this one. By shoving loads of money to failing companies we send the message that mistakes are acceptable. Drove your company into bankruptcy? No problem, the federal government will get out its tax payer check book and all of your problems will be solved.

Take some responsibility people!!! Clear out all greedy dirty evil socialist company owners and lets get some fresh blood in there! People with a sense of direction and innovative ideas are what this country needs-Not a government promoted sex handout.