Wednesday, January 7, 2009



So here is my new blog dedicated to thoughts and inspirations derived my from Communications 2010 class. I hope this blog to be of benefit to my ever increasing drive for knowledge and learning. I welcome any and all opinions and comments with exception to those who resist class and taste. Lets keep it classy people!

For a little taste of what I plan to write, check this out: Can you believe it?! Honestly, I can. Giving every other industry in America a free handout, why not adult entertainment?

Ugh. I have NEVER agreed with any bail out plan, and I certainly will not add my name to any list of supporters for this one. By shoving loads of money to failing companies we send the message that mistakes are acceptable. Drove your company into bankruptcy? No problem, the federal government will get out its tax payer check book and all of your problems will be solved.

Take some responsibility people!!! Clear out all greedy dirty evil socialist company owners and lets get some fresh blood in there! People with a sense of direction and innovative ideas are what this country needs-Not a government promoted sex handout.

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  1. I totally agree B! We do NOT need a "bailout" for the Adult Entertainment Industry. From what I understand it is a booming business on the internet so what is the big deal? Did Larry Flint not get enough money for his gold wheelchair? I see putting money in the stock market...the car industry is a bit of a stretch.

    The government needs to focus it's money on the banks to allow people to get credit and how about on us poor college students? It's dang expensive to go to college even before the economy collapsed. UVU is cheap but I don't think that will be the case for long as a perfect example Iowa State (where my father works) has already increased it's in-state tuition to $3500. The President of the college is now calling for a 4% increase in tuition!

    Someone needs to put their money where their mouth or kid or credit is.