Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blogging equals Love

The most interesting part of this week for me was Vegor's presentation on Web 2.0. Growing up I never ever thought I was be so involved in all things social media as I now am. Although I've been slacking a little on this blog, I do love it. I find it therapeutic in some ways just to write my thoughts and opinions and have responses, good or bad.

I know there has been some argument as far as globalization and what it's doing us. What I mean is the fear that we are losing human interaction to the point where we won't talk to each other anymore. Although it is a valid point, I think quite the opposite. I think more incredibly valuable relationships are being formed thanks to all things Twitter, Blog, Facebook, etc.

And maybe I'm a little bit bias being that I met my favorite boyfriend in the world through blogging...and ironically enough this assignment (to blog) pushed us towards meeting. So....I'm all for the Web 2.0 experience :)


  1. I agree. Technology is what is shrinking the global community. Like Errin said, 'long distance' practically doesn't exist. We are able to network and form relationships that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. Example: My sister just made a friend in Brazil through blogs.

  2. If you think about it blogging is sort of like keeping a diary that every body can read. That makes it kind of fun, especially considering people can add comments. But, unfortunately sometimes people forget that when they post any one with access to the Internet can view what they've written. For those people, (and I'm sometimes in that group), I feel a little bad. At least in an old fashioned diary, pre-Web 2.0, if a page was stolen with embarassing info it wasn't broadcast to the world. But, now it easily can be.

    But as your picture proves there are definitely benefits to this whole revolution. Congrats on meeting Superman! :)