Friday, April 17, 2009


I loved our little chat on Monday about facebook and relationships via the interwebs. I'm a little more than embarrassed to admit that I am no stranger to online dating. I first started when I was 18 because I only had 1 college class, still lived at home, and worked at a place with few opportunities to meet people. I haven't done it in a very long time.

I think the biggest lesson I learned through it all that people are liars. Most people who tend to build online relationships do not tell the truth about themselves somehow thinking the person on the other end wont ever find out.

Of course there will always be success stories, but I know because of the experiences I've had I will do the best I can to monitor my children and teach them to be literate in all things social media. As awesome as things have worked out for me in meeting someone randomly online (we didn't meet through any online dating site or anything)it's important to be cautious of all the creepers out there.


  1. B -

    I agree too, that most people on dating sites are liars. Just look at my first wife. I thought that she was the perfect "Mormon" but I was sure wrong...But JoAnne on the other hand was a perfect catch.

  2. I live next door to a fellow that had a different take on online relationships. He has been divorced for years when one Sunday he told me he was going to Hawaii to marry. Turns out he found on ldssingles (or something like that) a woman also divorced, like him with children, that had most things in common with him. They found a measure of happiness, I believe. On the other hand, yes there is a great deal of deception going on in these sites and others. It could be too, that desperation at getting a relationship (however pathetic) going will put blinders on people.

  3. Here is an awesome example...I just recently had to apologize to a girl who I guess took my comments the wrong way...

    So I have a girl that lives nearby...She has 3 boyfriends-thats right 3...that she met on FACEBOOK...

    ***before you read on Im good friends with this girl, but don't agree with everything she does***

    1)A Professional Surfer: Who lives in Cali...and is her so called "make-out toy boy"

    2)A Server: Who works at a local Provo Restaurant...who buys her stuff and makes out with on random days

    3)An APX Alarm Guy: Who works summers and is gone most of the year, in which she dates on days that don't conflict with the guys above!

    She makes out with all 3...she'll tell you she's touchy feely,but doesnt go all the way!

    She complained to me the other day that she has mono...

    I wonder why?