Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shaving cream anyone?

This week we have been talking a lot about feminism, burning bras, not wearing make-up etc. Before I get into it, it's not that I don't have respect for what women were trying to do by expressing themselves this way. I get that. But is it really THAT bad shaving your legs?

Personally, I'm cool with being able to wear make up, dress up and wear high heels, and shave my freakin legs. I don't think it's demeaning or sends a message that I'm trying to please some creepy old man, I just feel better about myself when I don't roll out of bed for the day and go!

It also seems like chicks who DO want to do these things (make up, heels, etc.) are seen as "conforming to the man." Whatev guys. If being into shopping and buying cute dresses makes me an evil man pleasing whore, then fine. At least I'm cute while doing it.



  1. B-

    I agree. It was the choice of those women to burn their bras and not shave their legs (if they wanted to look like Chubacca that's fine). It's their choice and if they want to let the media influence them fine.

    And it's not like men aren't influenced by the media either. Muscle Shirts and thing are the order of the day for men. But I like dressing nice. I had to dress in a suit when I worked and LOVED it.

    I admit I shave my armpits too (TMI I know) but it's not for cosmetic reasons or because I want to a feminist. It's for medical reasons. And if men want to shave their legs go for it.

  2. PS-Where did you find that picture...she needs laser hair

  3. Yes - gross! I lived in Germany as a teenager and they didn't shave their legs or their armpits. Yuck!

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  5. Thats so much hair...I feel like braiding!

    There's a girl that I had to drive home last Saturday...She's a server at a restaurant in Provo and an awesome person,and super cute!

    What I'm trying to get at, is simple...while driving her home we were at a stoplight on State Street...She asked me for my hand, not knowing what would happened...I did...

    After that she lifted up her pant leg and ran my hand across her dark forrest of stubble...

    I was not overly grossed out, but she commented that she hasnt shaved since Halloween ha

  6. B,
    For real that picture is outright nasty! Honestly I am see where you are coming from, I really don't know how I would feel if my wife came to me and told me she was done shaving her legs and armpits. at first I would send her to a therapist and hope all is okay upstairs. But honestly it would be hard for me to accept but I love my wife and if that's what she wanted I would support her. On the other hand I completely support her shaving her legs and pits and don't look down on her in anyway.

  7. OH man. That picture makes me want to puke. Seriously. And the worst part is that she looks proud of her hairiness. Yikes. The story about the girl not shaving her legs since Halloween, well, I don't care if girl's don't want to shave their legs or whatever, but seriously, don't make me touch it. Gross.

  8. All these comments prove how indoctrinated our culture is within us. Even though most of us would say- hey do what you've got to do- inside we're really freaked out about it. We think it's hecka weird and not normal for girls to do that to their bodies because this is the cultural norms of our society! I am witnessing societal standards in action! Cool!